Police Dashboard

How to Use

The following datasets show various aspects of police operations.  They are visualized as maps, charts, and graphs and a description of the data  and what it means.
The data is anonymized, incident-level and able to be aggregated to show change over time or a heat map of the areas of highest activity.
Watch a video walking through how the dashboard works and scroll below to view the visualizations and click on "View the data" to see a data table on Open Evanston

Police Activity

Arrests, Field Contacts, Victims, Offenders

Traffic Stops, Citations, and Crashes

Weapons Recovered


FOIA Requests Processed

Use of Force

A break down by type of force utilized. Note, however, that several types of force may be used in a single incident, e.g., the officer may have used a weaponless impact and also deployed a taser.

Part 1 Crimes

Chart of Evanston Part 1 Crimes